What if God's watchmen on the walls of this city were never sleeping? What if the darkness was pushed back by the Kingdom of Light? Would the city be transformed? What if God used YOU to do it? Why not Topeka? Why not now?

Psalm 18:13

April Prayer Emphasis Supports National Day of Prayer

     Operation Rolling Thunder (ORT) runs year 'round, but the month leading up to the annual National Day of Prayer is a special time of year.  Our goal during this season is to support the coming National Day of Prayer with 24-hour prayer support.   National Day of Prayer is May 1 this year. 
     Topeka area churches join together, each taking a day of the calendar in April and each praying for the city using the ORT Prayer Guide to assist them in their prayers.  If your church is not yet participating, please contact David Epps, the city coordinator, at 785-221-2788 or worship.warrior@hotmail.com.
     To view the prayer guide, click on the tab above.
     There will be National Day of Prayer observances in Topeka at the state capitol and at Community Church.  For more information on those events, go to TopekaNationalDayofPrayer.blogspot.com.

24 Hours of Worship & Prayer on January 12-13, 2104

On January 13, the first day of the 2014 legislative session, worshipers and intercessors prayed for our state governmental leaders, for the state, and for the nation of Israel.  This was part of the larger event in Topeka called Prayer on the Hill sponsored by the Culture Shield Network (see CultureShield.com).

Worship and prayer began at 5 pm, Sunday, January 12, at Higher Ground Ministries, 813 S. Kansas Ave.  We continued through the night until transitioning to the Old Supreme Court Room of the capitol at 8 am on Monday.  The Old Supreme Court Room is in the south wing, third floor.  Worship and prayer continued non-stop during the day as legislators and other government officials met.

Monday's other activities included a 10 am prayerwalk, noon prayer gathering, and two sessions of a workshop on prayer and fasting. See TransformTopekaKS.org for more information.

Supreme Court Prayer Update

The following was posted by USAToday.com on July 1, 2013.  We need to intercede for our nation.  The decline is accelerating.  Have mercy, Lord!

Poll: Support for gay marriage hits high after ruling

WASHINGTON — A record majority of Americans approve of same-sex marriage in the wake of two landmark Supreme Court decisions, a USA TODAY poll finds. But the high court's rulings that struck down provisions of the Voting Rights Act and tightened the rules on affirmative action aren't in sync with the public's views.

Overall, views of the court soured after a term that ended last week with high-profile decisions over who can marry, how college admissions are judged and whether the nation is ready to move on from some civil rights protections on voting.

The court's decisions that opened the door to gay marriage in California and struck down a law that barred federal benefits for same-sex couples may well have boosted support in a country that was already moving in favor of same-sex marriage.

"Neither one of those decisions is as a legal matter a huge gay rights victory," says Tom Goldstein, a Harvard Law School professor and publisher of SCOTUSblog, which analyzes the high court. "But it's the moral message from the court that these unions are entitled to equal respect ... that is probably the lasting legacy of the decisions and is probably going to play a significant role in public opinion."

The poll by Princeton Survey Research Associates questioned 1,003 adults from Thursday through Sunday. It has a margin of error of +/-3.6 percentage points.

Corruption and Overreach of Power in Government

Pray for the US federal government and White House decision-makers.  Recent revelations of corruption in federal agencies and massive government surveillance of US citizens has many wondering if the warnings of George Orwell's novel 1984 have started to come true, though some decades late.  Some believe the military is beginning to restrict the rights of members, including chaplains, to share their faith without career or legal repercussions. 

Pray that the Church would remain true to her calling to share the gospel without fear of intimidation or reprisal.  Pray that darkness would be exposed and the light of truth would shine into each situation.

Pray for our president.  Pray for national leaders in government and in the Church who dare to speak out for righteousness.


Operation Rolling Thunder in Topeka is part of a statewide network of praying Christians who believe prayer changes every realm of our society.
Our Core Values
  • The Holy Scriptures are the divinely inspired written word of God.
  • As we pray, God releases a foretaste of this future glory.
  • Repentance always precedes spiritual awakening.
  • Prayer is an enjoyable privilege that draws us into intimacy with Almighty God.
  • If we seek Him first, all other needs will be met by our loving Father.
  • Our access to the Father's heart is through the sacrificial blood of His Son and by the Holy Spirit.
Our Goals
  • To cover the Topeka area with constant prayer to bring transformation and blessing
  • To enlist the participation of every Bible-believing, Christ-centered congregation in our area
  • To pray from a coordinated, citywide prayer list
  • To pray for every sphere of society to be transformed
Praying for Every Sphere of Society
  • Family
  • Government/Military
  • Church
  • Business
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Heatlhcare
Cities and regions all over the world are being transformed by God's power. Why not Topeka? Why not now?
If those of us in Topeka who are called by His name will humble ourselves and pray, seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways, then God will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Be a Connector. The Life You Change May Be Yours.

ORT Connectors are the critical church contacts that administer the prayer initiative in their church. One church connector has found that ORT has changed her life. When the call came in her church for a connector, she was moved to step forward and volunteer. She acknowledged that prior to accepting this area of service, she had not been a prayer warrior.

But now, accepting this opportunity to serve, she finds she is a different person. Where before, prayer was not an urgent thirst in her life, she now finds she is constantly looking for opportunities to "be with the Lord" in prayer.

She has prayed, "Lord, I don’t even recognize myself anymore. You have changed my life." She now keeps ORT communicated to the church body, urging members to sign up for 24/7 opportunities.

Kansas Testimonies

Answered Prayer across Kansas since April 6, 2009

As we have prayed targeted prayers, we have seen many results in Kansas. Here are a few:

  • In Topeka, the police documented a 15.4% drop in crime during the period of April 6 - May 31 (Phase One of ORT 2010).

  • In Southwest Kansas, particularly Elkhart, Dodge City, Garden City, they were experiencing a drought. Elkhart only had five inches of rain in the last year. Since April 6, they have had more rain than the last seven years.

  • In Dodge City, they prayed for the healing of the Hispanic people and the community as well as the drought. Now Dodge City is green and beautiful. At one meeting, 120 Hispanic and white women gathered in Bible Study together. This has never happened before.

  • In Arkansas City, they are sensing a unity of purpose to not give into fear in their businesses. They are placing signs in the downtown businesses that say, “We have decided not to participate in doom and gloom.” Their attitude toward the financial downfall is speaking life into the community.

  • In Plainville, in Northwest Kansas, the church that hosted 24 hours prayer reported a complete rainbow right over their church the first day of the prayer.

  • At Haskell University in Lawrence, they have had 75 salvations since April 6, 2009. They had a beautiful commemorative service on September 17 that released the Spirit of Forgiveness at the 125th year since the doors of Haskell opened. (Whites had removed Indian children from their homes, cut their long hair, put “American” clothes on them and told them not to speak in their native language.) God forgive us. Shame has been removed and liberty is flourishing.

  • In Wichita, they were averaging three homicides per month. From April 6, 2009 (National Day of Prayer) there was not one homicide. A new team of leaders is now working in Wichita to get more churches up on the wall.

  • In Manhattan, many churches are reporting a sense of unity and seeing more called to committed prayer. Women are praying each morning. The people are loving the fact that they are praying together.